A Bitcoin scamer got busted

The prospect of quick money continues to lure criminals into the crypto ecosystem who can use the wealth of others with just a few clicks of the mouse. Word has not yet got around in all circles that cryptocurrencies in particular are not very suitable for appearing to be in the guise of anonymity.

Bitcoin precedes the reputation of an anonymous currency, which is why many criminals in the deceptive slipstream of the cryptocurrency believe they are safe. But the opposite is the case. An entry in the unchangeable transaction history of the blockchain has often successfully led investigators on the trail of crypto criminals.


Bitcoin magically attracts crimes

As The Times of India describes, investigators in India have found a woman who allegedly stole 64 bitcoins from their employer for the current equivalent of just under $ 375,000. The 26-year-old woman worked for the Bengaluru-based company Bitcipher Labs and is said to have facilitated the wallets of her superiors with the stolen private keys. The theft was noticed when Bitcipher Labs CEO Ashish Singhal discovered irregularities in his Bitcoin inventory.

The police arrested the woman last week and returned the digital stolen property to the rightful owners. The police found the perpetrator by means of an exclusion procedure. In order to seize the wallets, the thief had to have access to the appropriate passwords. After the authorities narrowed down the circle of suspects to the company’s employees, the culprit remained, who now confessed to the crime.