Analyst: Why Bitcoin is now poised to rise higher than ever before

Bitcoin is poised to soar even higher than it has been before
According to analysts, Bitcoin is poised to move even higher after breaking critical resistance of $ 12,000. This is due to the importance of $ 12,000 in BTC’s performance over the past few weeks. The area acted as a rejection point for three separate upswings. A trader shared the chart below when BTC started climbing higher on Monday morning. It shows that BTC has confirmed an ascending triangle – a textbook chart pattern that is often viewed as bullish by analysts. The breakout indicates a move towards $ 12,600, according to the trader who shared the chart below.

Little resistance up to $ 13,000$
13,000 seems to be the level many are aiming for as there is little technical resistance up to that level.A historically correct trader recently commented that $ 13,000 is within Bitcoin’s target ranges. Shortly before, he had predicted that last week’s retracement would bottom around $ 11,100:
“Still a lot of liquidity over us. And the monthly support is still support. In the short term, I think 11900 is possible. But as you know, I’m still aiming for 13,000 in the medium term. Let’s see how much we can get. “