Bitcoin and Blockchain in the spotlight of the US presidential campaign in 2020

Yesterday, Bitcoin saw a solid bullish move of over $ 10,250 against the US dollar. As a result, the price was even higher than the $ 10,500 level, trying to keep the gains. The Bitcoin price so far has increased by 200 percent and contributed to the fact that Bitcoin and Krypto were again included in the mainstream conversation.

Blockchain-based electoral system in the elections?

Currently, Bitcoin, Krypto and Blockchain are at the center of the US presidential campaign in 2020. Democratically hopeful Andrew Yang, who supports the Blockchain, the underlying technology of Bitcoin and all of this immediately after US President Donald Trump tweeted about Bitcoin, and US -Tresury secretary Steven Mnuchin had shocked the crypto industry by calling it bitcoin as a national security problem.

It is not the first time that Yang has dealt with Bitcoin, Crypto and Blockchain. In his speech in April, Yang has called for clarity for businesses and individuals over bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, as well as investments while talking about blockchain.

Competition is an advantage

An action committee in support of Yang, the Humanity Forward Fund, announced just last month that it will start accepting Bitcoin donations.

Elseko, the outspoken former Republican Congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul, also expressed his support for Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain and told CNBC a month ago that more competition between currencies is beneficial.

Already, the US Presidential Election 2020, which is now under 18 months of age, is preparing to become the toughest election ever held in the US. Both sides want to prevent the other party from winning.