Bitcoin and S&P 500: will BTC achieve the final decoupling?

Bitcoin and the S&P 500: when decoupling?

To make a statement about the question just asked, we want to consider two things in particular. On the one hand, we look at the course of Bitcoin and the SPX (S & P500) in the past month. Using this chart, we can get a first impression of how similar the price movements of the two assets were to each other. Second, we will take a look at the actual short-term 90-day correlation of the BTC-SPX pair. Let’s start with a look at the graphic below, which shows the chart for Bitcoin and the S & P500.


BTC price increase regardless of the stock market

Let’s start with the first 27 days of the month. We see here that the two charts have an extremely similar structure. Good examples of the high correlation and thus the similar behavior of the charts can be seen in the periods from 6-8. July and from 17-21. Watch July.But it gets exciting as soon as we look at the last days of the month. Because here we see a clear turning point that begins on July 27 with the start of the Bitcoin course pumps. While the SPX is largely monotonous, the Bitcoin price exploded.