Bitcoin bullish – record highs for hashrate, DeFi and gold

Even if the Bitcoin price is currently stagnating a bit, from a fundamental point of view things are still going well. The BTC hashrate reached a new record with 129 million terra hash (TH). The network is now more secure and stable than ever before. But Bitcoin is also enjoying increasing popularity in the DeFi sector and is driving the sector well above the USD 6 billion mark. In addition, gold could perhaps help Bitcoin to a new record high from a price point of view.

Bitcoin hashrate at record high
Bitcoin hits a new all-time high! This is how we would probably write it when the Bitcoin price was finally above USD 20,000 again. There is still a long way to go until then, because the Bitcoin price is currently biting down at USD 12,000 and repeatedly bouncing off this important mark. It is different with the security of the network and the hashrate, because this has now reached a new record high of 129 million TH / s. A positive sign of the miners’ trust in the network and its profitability.

BTC boom at DeFi – $ 6 billion
Anyone who regularly follows our news will have noticed that the area of decentralized finance (DeFi) is doing better than ever before. A real boom and hype has arisen around smart contract applications. Bitcoin cannot escape this hype and so DeFi also brings new price fantasies and investment opportunities for Bitcoin hodlers.