Blockchain courses start at California universities

Mouse Belt is working with three California universities to address the high demand for blockchain courses. In addition to a donation of 500,000 US dollars and other blockchain projects are financially supported. The Californian universities are striving to become a driving force in blockchain training.

The service provider Mouse Belt officially launches its blockchain course program at three California universities. These are programs to strengthen the educational presence of Blockchain. These are UC Davis, UC Los Angeles and UC Santa Barbara.

Mouse Belt is a Singapore based services company that provides organizations with blockchain development support. Currently, Mouse Belt supports 65 student blockchain groups worldwide. A look at the NueValue Capital website reveals that since 2013, $ 44 million has been invested in over 60 Blockchain companies.

Mouse Belt donates $ 500,000

Mouse Belt education programs run at undergraduate and graduate level. One fund covers research funding at all three universities. Hereby, the company specifically targets the development of blockchain projects. There are $ 500,000 available to support up to five projects of up to $ 100,000 as “seed funding.” In addition, Mouse Belt will donate $ 500,000 to the engineering chairs of the three universities.

High demand for blockchain courses

Ashlie Meredith, director of public relations at universities, said in an interview that the program was designed to fill a knowledge gap. Most universities do not offer blockchain courses, so student groups need to take on the organization themselves.

Dr. Mohammad Sadoghi, head of ExpoLab at UC Davis, has been working with Mouse Belt for a year. In an interview, he also confirmed the lack of Blockchain courses.

In May, BTC-ECHO reported new opportunities for blockchain technology in Ireland and the US. Because starting in September 2019, the first Master’s degree course in Blockchain will be offered in Ireland.