Does PayPal want to offer Bitcoin? Big fintech company hires crypto engineers

PayPal hires crypto and blockchain experts. Meanwhile, rumors are circulating that the global payment platform wants to offer its 305 million users direct cryptocurrency purchases. The job descriptions can be viewed publicly in the company’s own job exchange.


Technical crypto engineer

The first interesting entry is a job offer that is looking for a “technical manager – crypto engineer”. The job offer states that this position is responsible for “new initiatives for PayPal worldwide with a focus on agility, market launch and innovation”. The position includes the “Design, development and maintenance of important crypto products / functions, which are geared towards the availability, performance and scalability of PayPal services”.


Blockchain Research engineer

The second vacancy worth mentioning is about a blockchain research engineer who is supposed to be part of the company’s research group: “A newly formed group within the Strategic Technology Enablement Team, which is responsible for creating expertise and opinions on emerging blockchain technologies and their potential Possible uses under PayPal is responsible.

These vacancies are still online. Meanwhile, the crypto community is heavily discussing rumors that PayPal should officially enter the cryptocurrency industry. The requirements for these job offers include skills that overlap with the development of Bitcoin (BTC). These include experience with C ++, asymmetric cryptography and cryptographic libraries.