E-Sports, Online Gambling and Blockchain – The Untapped Chance

The growth sectors E-Sports, Online Gambling and Blockchain offer enormous synergy effects – if they are combined correctly. This requires a suitable hybrid solution. Really innovative approaches are rare. A Liechtenstein start-up has now set about filling this gap in the market.

What do the crypto market, online gambling and the emerging e-sports sector have in common? They are all expressions of a rapid shift of values and activities of “Meat Space” into cyberspace. Moreover, because these areas are still relatively young, they also harbor immense economic potential, which so far at best could be tapped. But that could change soon.

E-Sports – On the threshold of the mass phenomenon

While public interest in Bitcoin & Co. has so far strongly correlated with price developments, the global e-sports sector has been steadily advancing in the direction of mass adaptation for years. This is shown, for example, by the “Global Esports Market Report” of the gaming and e-sports data analysis company Newzoo. The analysts estimate that the global audience for e-sports events will increase by 15 percent this year to more than 450 million viewers.Meanwhile, the look at the sales figures is even more intense. Here, the authors of the Newzoo report forecast an increase of 26.7 percent compared to the previous year. With 1.1 billion US dollars, sales of the e-sports industry reached the nine-digit range for the first time.

Online Betting and Gambling – Confidence by Blockchain

The rapidly growing e-sports business also offers completely new opportunities for online betting platforms and online casinos. The field of online gambling and (e-) sports betting is also considered a mature growth market. For example, according to a forecast by market research firm Coherent Market Insights, the industry is expected to generate more than $ 123 billion in revenue by 2026.However, in addition to sometimes stringent regulatory requirements, the threat of cyber attacks in particular is a drag on the full exploitation of the market potential of online casinos and betting offices.With that in mind, it’s no surprise that more and more online casinos and betting platforms are discovering blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is an excellent way to attract new customers, especially for providers who have not yet gained a high profile. The intersection of online gambling and blockchain technology has tremendous growth opportunities – but so far there are few companies that have taken a truly innovative approach to taking advantage of this fact. In fact, one has to look beyond Germany’s borders to the krypto-friendly Liechtenstein in order to find a promising project that exactly wants to serve this market.

Promising push from Liechtenstein

LOOiX AG from Vaduz is working on a cross-industry platform for these growth sectors. In addition to online gambling, lifestyle products are a central component of the business model of LOOiX AG. The calculus: gambling and lifestyle go hand in hand; Profits should be easily exchanged within the ecosystem in high-quality luxury items.

This is done using the platform’s own ERC20 token LOOiX. The token does not only serve for wagers, profit distributions and the purchase of lifestyle articles; he can also be stopped. As an incentive for staking, as the hordes of LOOiX tokens serves a three-step yield model of three to six percent – depending on the duration of Stakings. The last phase of the ICO for the LOOiX token has already started – the public sale ends on June 30th.