Gold as currency and means of payment – A look at the financial market of the future

The departure from the conventional financial market can no longer be stopped. Anyone who can invest in gold and include the precious metal in their investment portfolio is taking the opportunity and making this decision as a prevention against crises and the currently hotly debated abolition of cash. Since state currencies are based on the debt money system and have no real value, they are no more than promises that are valid today and ineffective tomorrow.

The situation, however, is different with gold, which brings this precious metal into focus in terms of future currencies and eliminates the risks of fiat currencies.

Gold has been an important currency throughout human history. Nowadays, the precious metal provides financial security and crisis prevention. In the future, gold will be a means of payment that is inflation-proof and stable in value against all currencies known today.


Harald Seiz sees golden times ahead – Forecasts for the financial industry of the future

The historical value of gold clearly shows how stable and secure the precious metal really is.
 The currently increasing interest in investment gold also supports this and also shows us what the world’s population really trusts. It is a fact that material assets are booming and that only real assets offer real security. Financial systems not backed by real assets crash at regular intervals, while precious metals such as gold have not suffered any loss in value since these values have been recorded. What is convincing today in the investment segment could establish itself in the future as a guideline for means of payment. With the Karatbars International products Cashgold and the GoldCard, Harald Seiz has realized his vision and defined gold as a currency. The main focus is on the quantity of gold, which, in the case of conventional investment gold, is far too large to be used as “money”. It should also be noted that gold as a currency must not only be affordable for financially strong people, but for everyone. Harald Seiz knows that this problem can be solved with small denominations and has already implemented this idea.
 The interest in gold as a currency is strong, as this option combines the desire for a safe haven as well as flexibility. Gold is imperishable and so stable that no geopolitical decision, no bank crash and no economic crisis will lead to devaluation. As the risks increase will only in the future and the world seems to be virtually falling apart, the financial market needs a new, secure solution that can only be found in gold.

How gold can be used as a currency

Anyone going to their trusted baker with a 100 gram investment gold bar will definitely be faced with a major problem. Due to the high gold value in combination with the enormous weight, the gold bar is not really suitable as a practical means of payment. If, on the other hand, a microbar or a banknote containing physical gold is used, the precious metal can be used everywhere and for any equivalent as a means of payment. Gold will not be the sole currency in the future either, but it will certainly be a sound alternative to the classic financial market. It is accepted worldwide, remains stable despite all external influences and is not subject to inflation. Back to the roots – back to the tried and tested, is the message that Harald Seiz is conveying and substantiates it with a gold currency.