Gold call with a 96% chance of reaching the old annual peak

Gold call with a 96% chance of reaching the old annual highOn the days of the big sell-off on the stock markets, the gold price (ISIN: XC0009655157) also went down significantly. After a troy ounce of gold swiftly rallied up to $ 1,688 a week ago after overcoming resistance at $ 1,611, it fell to its current level of $ 1,626 after strong gains in the recent past.

According to the analysis by, the current consolidation could expand to up to USD 1,611. If this mark holds, the rally remains intact and a further price increase remains possible.

If the gold price can break the $ 1,689 mark, a medium-term price target of $ 1,800 is defined. If the gold price violates the upward trend of $ 1,585, the possibility of greater consolidation increases.Investors willing to take risks with the market forecasting that the current weakness of the gold price will not last long and that prices will at least return to the old year high of USD 1,688 could be interesting to invest in long leverage products.

Open end turbo call with strike price and knockout mark at $ 1,564.2278The Morgan Stanley open end turbo call on gold with strike price and knockout mark at USD 1,564.2278, BV 0.1, ISIN: DE000MC62F10, came in at the gold price of USD 1,625 and the euro / USD exchange rate of USD 1.104 at 5 , 71 – 5.73 euros valued.

If the gold price manages to rise to USD 1,688 soon, the intrinsic value of the turbo call will increase to EUR 11.23 (+96 percent) – unless the gold price falls below the knockout mark or below.This contribution does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell gold or leverage products on gold. We assume no liability for the accuracy of the data.