Gold coins as crisis protection: Krugerrand and Vreneli in comparison

Should the gold coin serve only as passive asset protection or should it also serve as a means of exchange in an emergency? Krugerrand and Vreneli are considered particularly crisis-resistant.


Classic gold coins

The South African Krugerrand is the classic gold coin for investment. It is also the oldest modern bullion coin. It has been issued since 1967 in the same design. The Springbok motif is virtually synonymous with private investment gold. On the other hand, the Swiss Vreneli gold coin of 20 francs is no longer produced today. Between 1897 and 1949, however, some 59 million copies were minted. The coin is therefore still available in large quantities today and is considered by many investors to be an insider tip (More: Gold investment: That’s why the Vreneli coin is a hit!).



Both coins are not made of pure gold, such as the Canadian Maple Leaf coin. They are alloyed with copper or silver. This increases the scratch resistance of the coins. Because fine gold is a very soft metal. Alloyed coins are therefore better suited as a means of exchange in a practical sense in times of crisis. Dominik Kettner of Kettner Edelmetalle compares both gold coins in their available variants in a video.