New indications of a BTC bull run

The cryptanalyst PlanB pointed out an important indicator for its stock forecast model Stock-to-Flow. This could signal that a Bitcoin bull run to $ 100,000 has started by 2021.PlanB confirmed on Twitter on May 31 that there is now a red dot in its Bitcoin price forecasting model stock-to-flow, which indicates a price increase.


The S2F model treats BTC as a commodity, just like gold or silver, and looks at the available crypto offer compared to the mined amount.Many predicted bullish behavior at BTC after halving the reward on May 11th. The PlanB model marks a bull run with a red dot. This model predicts a BTC rate of $ 100,000 by the end of 2021.


Stock-to-flow model

Cointelegraph reported in April that PlanB forecast a $ 288,000 BTC rate in its new, cross-plant S2F model called S2FX by 2024. Cryptanalyst Harold Christopher Burger used the same data and predicted a rally to $ 1 million by 2025.The S2F model is also criticized. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has expressed skepticism about the stock-to-flow model. He said it falls under the 95 percent of crypto articles that are “retrospectively rationalized bullshit”.