Over 35 Billion USD of Bitcoin (BTC) have been lost

As is well known, everything that has advantages has disadvantages, as is the case with Bitcoin. Above all, the irreversibility of the transactions is meant here. This ensures that no third party can undo transactions, but not in the event of an error by itself. Although the transparency of the Bitcoin Blockchain allows you to track exactly how long BTCs have not been transferred, it is possible to make a precise statement about how many Coins lost forever are often difficult. The blockchain analysis company “Chainalysis” has now tackled this problem and shows in a new report how many Bitcoin have actually been lost. The numbers are terrifying: over 35,000,000,000 ($ 35 billion) of BTC is said to be lost. The report is also approaching the question of whether Bitcoin is actually digital gold.


3,700,000 million Bitcoin lost

The statements in this article refer to the Chainalysis report with the name “60% of Bitcoin is held as digital gold in the long term. What about the rest? ”In this report, the analysis company deals exactly with how many coins are used for what purpose and thus answers the frequently asked questions how many BTC have become inaccessible over the years due to lost private keys as it is with looks like the narrative of “digital gold”.