Telegram Blockchain will be compatible with Ethereum

The messaging company is expected to release the code for operating a node in the Telegram Open Network (TON) on Sunday so that users can test the project before the expected start of the project on October 31st.

TON Labs, a technology startup led by investors in Telegram’s token sale, is building a set of tools for developers to help them build on the new network. One of these tools will be a solidity compiler, which will allow decentralized applications developed for Ethereum to run on sound as well, said TON Labs CEO and Managing Partner Alexander Filatov.

According to the report, the tool would allow developers to port their Ethereum Smart Contracts to TON, but it is not specified if some changes in their code are required. The CEO of TON Labs and managing partner Alexander Filatov said before the sales office:

“That was probably the hardest thing we built. It will allow the advanced Ethereum community to translate everything they wrote for Ethereum into TON. “

As already mentioned, TON is expected to start until October 31st. Otherwise, Telegram must reimburse investors for their token sales in accordance with its User Agreement. The release on Sunday is therefore likely to be the last in a series of Testnet releases.

Filatov said that the code release on Sunday will be the most important phase of the introduction of TON, he said:

“We have very little time between the node release and the start of the main plan to test, identify and fix possible bugs and vulnerabilities.”

The company is also building other tools to enhance the TON ecosystem. It should also be noted that the compiler has been tested since July. TON was developed by the Telegram team and is a blockchain project that aims to enable distributed applications and messaging.