“THINK Big” – The Success Primer by Entrepreneur Harald Seiz

Think Big. The name is program in Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz’s book and summarizes in two expressive words, on which basis success develops. As founder and managing director of Karatbars International GmbH, the author has proven like no other that success is based neither on a rich parental home nor on outside support. Rather, it is one’s own will, the idea that one is convinced of and the courage to think big and realize ideas. If Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz had listened to the doubting and warning voices, to the anxious and unconvinced voices from his environment, the company that today has millions in its turnover and worldwide performance would not have come into being. The idea was simple, but it revolutionized the financial market and is a milestone for people interested in a gold-based currency. Now, Dr. h.c. Harald Seiz has written his experiences in a book and offers the reader the opportunity to rethink his own ideas and not be held back by the creation of innovations.

“Think Big” motivates, “Think Big” encourages and “Think Big” shows that there is always an idea at the beginning. The book also points out that setbacks and barriers are no reason for a return. Rather, those who face the difficulties and are so convinced of their idea that they cannot be stopped and simply look for a new route in the case of a blocked path become successful.

Anyone who dares will move.

Harald Seiz is the owner of the company, has founded a bank and owns his own gold mine. Nobody initially believed that the idea would prevail. But Seiz proved it, that assertiveness pays off and faith in one’s own idea moves mountains. The emotional examples, the concrete descriptions of successes and defeats, the clear language and the freely spoken words increase the attention when reading this book. The reader will recognize himself in many passages and reflect on the fact that he has already been at an identical turning point more than once in his life. While Harald Seiz turned a blind eye to every warning and firmly believed in his idea, one or the other reader may have given up and proved fear of the risks rather than the courage to try it out. Those who read “Think Big” will have more confidence in themselves and recognize why their own self-perception and faith in the form of self-confidence are the foundations of success. One may fail, as the author emphasizes in his work. Failure belongs to life and is always the beginning of a new ascent and teachings, which one draws from experience and which have a positive effect on the further way. “Think Big” is the tool of the trade for people who do not dream their lives, but want to live their dreams and be successful. In the beginning, this does not require more than the idea, which is consistently developed and pursued with all available energy.

Where are the new visionaries and missionaries?

There are many creative ideas. But very few people have the courage to implement their ideas and let others participate in them. Here Dr. Seiz made the difference and decided for himself that his idea is so valuable that it has to become known. Everyone can have this success if he has the courage to stand by his thoughts and take the first step. Whoever only fantasizes and does not realize will never know whether he could have built an empire out of an idea. In order to avoid grief over wasted lifetime, one should summon up courage – and read “Think Big”.