US Air Force receives blockchain support

In the future, the US Air Force will partly organize itself with the technological basis of Bitcoin: The Blockchain. In cooperation with the technology company SIMBA Chain, manufacturing processes should be made more effective.

US Air Force relies on the blockchain. Because the technology, which is based on the crypto-currency Bitcoin, serves to make administrative processes more effective. Thus, it is much more applicable than currency management. Almost all areas that need administration can be organized using technology.

This now apparently recognized the US Air Force. For the arm of the United States, which among other things also provides the aircraft that carries President Trump, will organize their supply chains in the future using blockchain technology. According to a press release, they receive support from technology company Simba Chain. Safeguarding supply chains using blockchain technology, above all, provides more security.

The BASECAMP project (Block Chain Approach for Supply Chain Additive Manufacturing Parts) is to rely on Simba Chain to provide a corresponding prototype. The blockchain company, in turn, relies on Microsoft Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing program.

Through BASECAMP, the US Air Force is to be given the opportunity to repair war vehicles in the field and to store the associated data decentrally. This involves 3-D printing processes whose data are particularly sensitive.

About Simba Chain and US Air Force

Simba Chain has been in existence since 2017 and received funding to develop a secure intelligence service for the US military. The Simba Chain provides a platform where, among other things, distributed blockchain applications (dApps) can be developed. The platform supports Ethereum, Quorum, Stellar and RSK.

The US Air Force is deployed worldwide. Their equipment mainly includes fighter jets and transporters.